Lebensraum für Senioren in Thailand


Happy Home is a small and manageable community. Well calculated cost allow Happy Home to be more affordable than similar projects. Care is tailored to individual needs. As a small community with guests from primarily German-speaking background, guests do not experience social isolation and loneliness. Smile and be Happy at Happy Home!

Happy Home is a project for Seniors and Retirees who love Thailand and consider spending their retirement years there in an assisted living environment. Target group are people from the German-speaking middle class. While this group can afford living in a German Age Care Facility/Senior Residence, many envision more inspirational, 'quality of life' retirement years. It is possible to rent a house while still fit and healthy. When it becomes necessary that a quest requires assistance and care, cost will be charged only for what is required.

Aim for Happy Home is to be profit orientated, while remaining client centered. Therefore, Happy Home makes an effort to recruit friendly and caring staff. To guarantee client centered focus, whether in terms of medical care or everyday needs, Happy Home will remain a small complex of 10-12 houses within beautiful, well maintained tropical, gardens. This will also prevent social isolation and loneliness.



People at Happy Home are encouraged to enjoy a stressfree and fulfilled life, while still getting all the support needed.

If you have the desire to live in Thailand and share our paradise at Happy Home, please contact Khun Eva.

Assisted Living

Guests can request assistance with various tasks and will only be charged for what has been requested. This of course includes assistance with immigration and all visa requirements.

Services available include:

  • In-house: hairdresser, massage, manicure, house cleaning
  • Medical assistance or weekly medical check-ups
  • Full-time care, if needed
  • In case of an emergency, house visit by local doctor from nearby Lanna Hospital or accompanied hospital visit/stay
  • Advise on health insurance by a Germen-speaking specialist

To allow for a dignified end, guests can make necessary arrangements and die in the home. Guests will have to complete the ‘Advanced Health Care Directions’ beforehand. Instructions for everything, including treatment, Palliative Care of funeral arrangements can be organized in advance, giving some control until the end.

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