Lebensraum für Senioren in Thailand

About us

We, that is Khun Supawan Tippayamonton, known as Mam and the owner of the garden knows from personal experience what older people need when they come to Thailand.

Khun Mam works very hard in Bangkok in their own companies. She is the sole owner, even if the parents here, live in their villa in the middle of our garden.

Khun Mam is well traveled, studied and worked in Australia and abroad. She thinks and acts very social, has great respect for the age and is a believer.

Khun Mam loves nature and wants to maintain the garden, so we do not use chemicals. On the site there are dogs, cats, chickens, and all the creatures that live outdoors. Frogs, lots of birds, Tuke, Gäkos and, and, and ...

A Burmese family lives in a separate house with us in the garden. A couple with one children, they are always there for us.

We truly look forward to each and every has the desire to live here with us.


    Khun Supawan                 Khun Eva       




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